December 2, 2020


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Of two miscarriages, why she can’t take back Eric Omondi and life with Jowie: Maribe lifts the lid

Former Citizen Television news anchor Jacque Maribe has lifted the lid on her life pre-murder trial and post-murder charges.

In a Thursday, November 18 tell-all interview with True Love magazine proprietor and media personality Carole Mandi, Maribe revealed details of her life that were not known by the public before.


For the first time, Jacque Maribe opened up
about her struggles with miscarriage. Before getting her son, Zahari, who was
born in May 2014, Maribe had suffered two miscarriages.

“I had almost gotten a baby before, but I got
(sic) a miscarriage. It was tough at the time because it (pregnancy) was also
new to me. [That was my first miscarriage]. Then, we tried again, [I suffered]
a second miscarriage. We hadn’t known what was going on,” revealed Jacque

“Our doctor said: ‘no, [something is not right],
we have to probe further’.

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“[After being medically examined], they
discovered I have this thing that they call a septum. Basically, [that meant]
the uterus, which should be one whole unit, had a wall separating two spaces.
We realised that the problem was that the baby would be implanted on this side,
or the other side. And, as the foetus grows, the wall [in the uterus] does not
move, it doesn’t go anywhere. [As a result], it causes a miscarriage.

“I was told that I had to undergo a surgery [to
correct the problem]. I panicked, and said: ‘I am not going to do this’. I do
not remember how many years ago that was, but it took a while [for me to accept
to undergo surgical operation]. I remember I used to pray every day. I would
say: ‘listen, God… What is too hard for you? I do not have to have this
surgery. If you want, you can make that thing (septum) elastic through whatever
miracle. Just make it move, create space’.

“Then in 2013, I was in South Africa on an
assignment. [While there], I got so sick. My colleague told me: ‘aih, are you
pregnant?’ And I said: ‘stop it, I can’t be [pregnant]’. I came back home while
so sick, genuinely sick. So, I went to the hospital and they said: ‘we are
going to do all these kind of [medical] tests’. Then the doctor comes in and
says: ‘congratulations!’, and I am like: ‘what!’ I hadn’t undergone the medical
surgery to correct the problem, and there I was, pregnant!

“I remember I said the first three people I
would tell were my mother and my sister who lives in Dubai… I wasn’t sure about
telling the baby-daddy. After the baby came, we had that [septum-removal] surgery,
and I was told: ‘you can go have your six children if you want’.

“My son is called Zahari, which means ‘God has
remembered’, and literally God had remembered me. So, it is a very personal
name, Zahari and I have a very personal relationship. He makes me happy.”

Omondi was not ready to commit’

In the candid interview, Jacque Maribe reiterated
an earlier revelation that comedian Eric Omondi is the biological father of her
son. She said when she conceived in late 2013, Eric Omondi was not ready to
commit to an exclusively monogamous relationship, hence their separation.

“It (parenting) is something I wanted, and it is
not a space that he was at at the time.

“I wouldn’t say the clashing interests was the
sole reason for our break-up at the time. I think we were both at very
different places in our lives. Eric is my friend to date. So, I wouldn’t want
to speak ill of him, but he wasn’t at a space where he wanted a serious
relationship. I think I had matured beyond his expectations. And then, here was
the baby, and he still wanted to have all the girls and groupies, whatever. His
career at the time was really taking off.

“For him, being in the arts, I was really tying
him down with a serious relationship. And then, the baby situation came, I told
him: ‘this is what I want for myself; I don’t want a situation where you look
like you are being forced into something that you don’t want’. And we agreed to
go our separate ways, but remain friends.”

Asked whether she can reunite with Eric Omondi,
Jacque Maribe said an empathic ‘no’.

“I do not see myself getting back together with
Eric. He doesn’t believe that [when I tell him we can’t be an item again]. A
few days ago, he joked, saying: ‘you are single, I am single; we were meant to
be single so that one day [we get back together]. I came to know another side
of him… We kind of messed up crossing the line, we were very good friends from
the beginning. I don’t know why we thought it could work [in an intimate
arrangement]. If we were able to collect ourselves again and become friends, I
don’t think I will ever cross that line again.”

relationship with Jowie

Jacque Maribe says her relationship with Joseph
Irungu, alias Jowie, played a big part in her current tribulations.

“It was that relationship [that made everything
go south]. He was very nice to me [when I met him on the campaign trail and
thereafter]. I think it is important to learn about somebody before you rush
into something. I had dated him for one year, and got engaged to him exactly
one year into the relationship.

“I thought at the time he and I were ready [to
advance the relationship]. And, he wasn’t a guy who would give me too much
pressure because I used to work a lot as well. I thought: ‘Oh, maybe I have
found the person who understands the kind of woman [I am]; one who is
passionate about her career, passionate about her hours, passionate about being
a mother’. And, there I was with a partner who understood what I wanted.”

Jacque Maribe recounts a few days to September
19, 2018, when her world came thudding with a bang after Jowie, her fiancé at
the time, was arrested in connection with the murder of businesswoman Monica
Kimani at her Kilimani home.

“Everything was going on so well. My career path
was good, undeniably good, until one day, something just [happened]…”

On whether she regrets dating Jowie, Maribe
said: “This man was that person for me, the one you feel like if I ever had any
regrets, then this is it. I do not believe in regrets, but if regret was a
person, then that would be it. I do not like to speak about him because…
sometimes I feel like if you want to speak your truth, people would come and
judge you, and say: ‘you are still bitter…’ I saw he has now moved on. So,
people are going to talk and say: ‘why are you now talking about him?’ I don’t talk
about him because I don’t want to talk about him,” said Jacque Maribe.

The media personality, who currently hosts a
YouTube show — The Hot Seat — said she
wanted to clarify information on when she and Jowie went separate ways.

“I want to correct the fact that he said we
broke up while he was behind bars, [no, that is not true]. We had already
broken up before then. Let us be honest about it. Even our body language while
we were in court told it all. It is important for people to find the truth from
the horse’s mouth.”

Single and happy

The mother-of-one says she is currently single,
but is hopeful to meet her better half in the future.

“I am enjoying the single life; no entanglements
for now, [dating] is too much work.

“If I were to date today, I would go for someone
who is my friend. I believe in dating a friend nowadays. I think I have had a
very different picture of things. He would have to be someone who aspires for
the same things that I do, someone who is willing to be a partner — not
domineering; let us build each other, someone who will see me [as a person],
not the Jacque Maribe who was a TV news anchor.

“For now, I am happily single. I wouldn’t close
that chapter [on relationship or marriage] completely. I believe there is
someone for everyone, you do not have to die alone.”

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