September 29, 2020


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Ruto sounds warning over section of politicians fanning drums of violence

Deputy President (DP) William Ruto has asked politicians to stop turning Kenyans against each other for their own personal gain. 

Speaking at his Karen residence on Tuesday, DP Ruto warned that there is a section of politicians focused on sowing seeds of discord among Kenyans to advance their selfish agenda.

He said violence would never be part of the country’s political fabric. 

“It would not happen in our country. Kenyans are after development-leaning and progressive leaders,” said Dr. Ruto.

The DP was hosting a prayer meeting attended by religious and political leaders from Narok County.

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“There are many people who have benefitted from politics of discord and violence. There are many people working hard to turn Kenyans against each other. They will not succeed in dividing the people of Kenya along ethnic lines,” said Ruto.

The Jubilee leader said recent political rhetoric has been peppered with threats, blackmail, and intimidation.

“This is the language of conmen and cowards, people who don’t believe in democracy,” said Ruto.

Speaking at the event, Narok’s Nominated Senator Mary Seneta said that DP Ruto has been a champion for the poor and the common people.

“We can’t even count the number of churches that [Ruto] has donated to. He is close to the people,” said Ms. Seneta.

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