October 25, 2020


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Naked man chases wild pig through public park after the animal ‘stole’ his laptop

Sunbathers in a Berlin park were left bemused recently after an elderly man bolted naked to chase after a wild pig, which had made away with his laptop, the Independent reports.

The animal was seen
running through the park carrying a bag in its mouth. It was later established
that the bag had a laptop in it.

The owner of the computer
followed close behind, having been disturbed from a naked sunbathing session.

Photos of the
incident went viral on social media after Adele Landauer, a Berlin resident,
who was at the park, posted them on networking site, Facebook.

According to
Landauer, the park had tens of sunbathers, when the singular of wild pigs
emerged from a nearby thicket.

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While the man was
bathing, she said, the boars calmly ate a pizza from his bag and then went
“looking for a dessert”.

“They found this
yellow bag and decided to take it away. But the man who owned it realised it
was the bag with his laptop. So, he was very focused and ran behind the boars
in order to get it back.”

Landauer said when
she showed her photos to the man he was very amused and gave her his blessing
to share them publicly, the Independent

Landauer, an actor
and life coach, said this incident was a good example of someone persevering to
achieve their goal.

Germany is famed for
naturism; it is common for sunbathers and swimmers to strip off in the warmer
months and many beaches and public parks permit nudity as part of Freikorperkultur, which translates to
“free body culture”.

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