October 21, 2020


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How life has been after I said Akothee is dead broke, musician’s sister opens up

Elseba Awuor Kokeyo, alias Cebbie, the younger sister of musician Akothee, now says she and her famous sibling have buried the hatchet after messages by Cebbie, which alleged that Akothee is financially broke and can’t afford her daughters’ school fees, leaked online mid last month.

Speaking to media personality and musical artist Chris J. Atemo
on his YouTube channel on Wednesday, August 5, Cebbie said her revelations —
that Akothee was broke — marked an episode in her life in which she made a
mistake of uttering comments that came back to shake her relationship with her
elder sister.

Citing “being human” as the reason for the regrettable statements, Cebbie said she reached out to Akothee on the same day the screenshot messages leaked on social media to call a truce.

“Family is family [at the end of the day]. I saw people
attacking me, saying: ‘No, you cannot fight the president of all single
mothers’. Akothee is my sister. Even if I killed [someone] today, she will open
her arms to accept me. Akoth is more of my mother [than a sister]; most people
do not know that,” Cebbie told CJ Atemo.

“Our relationship is full of bad fights, we hit the optimum.
Most people don’t know that when Akoth and Cebbie are fighting, no one in the
family can bring us together at that time. We usually find a way of ending our

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“[When the screenshot messages leaked online], Akoth and I
talked on the same day. I do not understand why people keep on asking: ‘are you
talking to your sister [after that incident]?’ I’d like to say that my sister
and I do not need to tell you when we are in good or bad terms with each other.
The incident did not dent our relationship that much. I am human, [I make
mistakes],” said Cebbie, adding that she has learnt to trust only a few people
in her life.

On July 22, Akothee came out to call Cebbie, accusing her of
being a backstabber.

Akothee took to her official Instagram page on to indirectly
allege that Cebbie was not happy for her, when she (Akothee) succeeded on many

According to the Give It
To Me
hit-maker, her sister was always the manipulative type, who not only
felt entitled to Akothee’s wealth, but also believed that the award-winning
musician should shoulder every family responsibility.

Akothee made the remarks after screenshots of Cebbie’s alleged
conversation with her claimed former lover, a married man, were shared on
blogger Edgar Obare’s Instagram page on July 21.

The conversations took place in early December 2019, after
Akothee allegedly collapsed while performing on stage in Kisumu.

Below is a transcript of the screenshot messages shared between
Cebbie and her alleged lover:

Cebbie: Baby, let me ask you: do you think this
sibling of mine (Akothee) has a right-thinking mind?

alleged lover:
What is
she talking about? Who are the nine adopted children?

Cebbie: She normally pretends that she is picking
orphans with the intention of helping them. She, thereafter, abandons them
because she doesn’t have any solutions to their problems. She doesn’t have any
goals she wishes to achieve.

alleged lover:
laughing face emoji]. Then she must be manipulative.

Cebbie: She is mad.

alleged lover:
She is
getting great comments from people [about her alleged good deeds]. I guess it
makes her feel good [about herself].

Cebbie: But she has nothing at all, [in form of finances].
She can’t even pay her children’s school fees. She is already struggling. My
worry is that one day, she will be smoked out. She has chased away some orphans
she had taken in under the pretext that she would assist them. I already know
of two boys, whom she abandoned. There is nothing [substantial] going on in
their lives. She picked them in 2017 and said she would employ them at Akothee
Safaris. I am telling you the boys did not even enroll for driving or basic
computer classes. [Adds laughing face emoji].

alleged lover:
This is
so, so sad.

Cebbie: There is nothing special about her. Recently,
the said-adopted children were subjected to hunger till they came to know about
her real attributes.

alleged lover:
she will soon be smoked out. I am shocked at learning that she is not as
philanthropic as she’d want us to believe. Even at Karen Hospital, where she
was admitted [after collapsing on stage in Kisumu on November 30, 2019], the
truth will come out.

Cebbie: True.

After the conversations were leaked, Akothee took to her
official Instagram page to indirectly respond to her sister’s claims, stating
that Cebbie has always been manipulative and jealous of her.

“When people wanted to own my life, and jump onto my success,
using Akothee Foundation, which was hardly a year old, with no sponsors or
donors, as a way of hurting me, I had to put it on hold and concentrate on my
life and my children!” said Akothee.

“It hurts when you do things innocently and people feel entitled.
The only way to protect yourself from users is to say ‘sorry, I do not have’. I
have done more than enough for my family! I know some of them feel bad when
they see me support people I don’t know, but the truth is I get fulfilled when
I help those that are in need and expect nothing.

“Since I stopped dishing out money and attending to family
problems apart from my parents and grandparents, I am hardly loved.

“My family has no idea of my wealth or my whereabouts. Even if I
die today, they have no idea who will handle my Will or bills. They are guests
in my life. I respect and love my family very much. The only way to keep the
relationship, is to love them from afar since I have no option but to love

“I was in Karen Hospital for 2 weeks [in early December 2019]. I
didn’t see any of my family members apart from my children, friends, employees,
fans and my [health] insurance company. This is enough for an intelligent
person to understand [which group of people genuinely cares for you]. Thanks
for alerting me [about who my real friends are]. Now I know my circle [of]

The allegations against Akothee came out after a city woman
accused Cebbie of snatching her husband late last year.

To prove her claims, the woman shared with blogger Edgar Obare
screenshots of alleged WhatsApp conversations between Cebbie and the city
woman’s husband. It is in the conversations that Cebbie and her alleged lover discussed
Akothee’s character and financial capability.

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