July 11, 2020


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Man who pays rent for girlfriend kills love rival he found in the woman’s house

Police in Bungoma have launched a hunt for a middle-aged man who killed his love rival after he found him (love rival) at his (suspect’s) girlfriend’s house in Nambale.

It is alleged the
suspect reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed the victim, 34, to death on
Sunday night (June 28).

The suspect —
according to the woman at the centre of the love triangle — was the one
footing her house rent, which was billed at Ksh500 every month.

The victim’s body
was found on the roadside, near his lover’s rented house on Monday morning.

The landlord of the
house rented by the woman at the centre of the fatal love drama, told K24 Digital that he heard commotion
emanating from the 30-year-old woman’s house on Sunday night, but suspected
that his tenant and her boyfriend were involved in a minor domestic scuffle.

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“When I woke up and
stepped out Monday morning, I was shocked to find a youthful man’s body lying
on the road near my tenant’s house,” the property owner told K24 Digital.

Some residents
identified the deceased as one of the lovers of their 30-year-old female
neighbour, “who had multiple boyfriends”.

Attempts by some of
the neighbours to lynch the woman were thwarted after police arrived and
whisked her to Nambale Police Station.

The woman, who is
still in custody, told police that after her boyfriend fatally stabbed her
lover multiple times, he fled to an unknown destination.

“The suspect is
known. We have since launched a hunt for him, and will arraign him once we get
hold of him,” Nambale OCPD Walter Abondo told K24 Digital.

“I urge Kenyans to
refrain from taking the law into their own hands. Should a conflict arise
between you and your spouse, there are lawful avenues that you can use to
resolve your differences. These include seeking help from your area elders, area
chief or religious leaders, among other persons in positions of authority,”
said Abondo.

The deceased was
taken to a Busia hospital morgue.

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