January 22, 2021


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Nairobi Women’s Hospital CEO Felix Wanjala steps aside

Nairobi Women’s Hospital CEO Felix Wanjala has stepped aside to allow for investigations into into claims that medical officers at the hospital have been colluding to unfairly generate revenue from patients.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Dr. Wanjala said he has written to the Chairman of the hospital’s board informing him of the decision to step aside.

He noted that the cost inflation allegations, which have seen medical insurers blacklist the hospital, are serious in nature.

“I have taken time to think about this, although I don’t believe the allegations are true I would want our patients to regain confidence in us as a healthcare provider. I have this afternoon written to the Chairman of the board informing him of my decision to step aside from my position as CEO effective immediately to allow the investigation team to do their work,” said Dr. Wanjala.

With nine branches across the country and close to two decades of practice, Nairobi Women’s Hospital had established itself as one of the most sought after facilities up until complaints of unprocedural charges and admissions surfaced.

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The allegations emerged after screenshots of conversations claimed to be from a WhatsApp group of Nairobi Women’s Hospital staffers were exposed online.

The messages showed discussions where medical officers were supposedly being given instructions on how to maximize revenue.