Jose Mourinho says he wants to win 2 trophies with his next club

– Jose Mourinho has revealed he will return to management in the summer with a new club

– The former Manchester United has been out of work since he was sacked in December

– Mourinho added that he would love to win a league and Champions League titles when he returns Jose Mourinho has opened up about his chances of returning to management in the summer after being out of job for the last few months.

The ex-Manchester United boss said he has turned down three or four managerial offers but he will back in the dug-out during the summer.

Mourinho still believes he can become successful at the highest level again despite being sacked at Old Trafford, where he led Man United to their worst start to a Premier League season.

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The Portuguese gaffer has now revealed what he plans to achieve when he eventually returns to the game which is adding more Champions League and domestic honours to his collection.

“I have in mind to win a fifth league and a new Champions League in a third club,” Mourinho told Canal+ .

Mourinho won the Champions League with FC Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010 but failed to repeat the feat with Real Madrid and Manchester United.

The 56-year-old has also not won a league title since his 2014/15 Premier League season with Chelsea, which is the eighth crown in his illustrious coaching career..

Mourinho became a clear favourite for a second spell with Real Madrid before Zinedine Zidane was preferred to take over from Santiago Solari.

He has also been linked with a return to Inter Milan or join Italian champions Juventus next summer, but reports have disclosed Mourinho’s next destination could be Paris Saint-Germain.

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